Books I Love


Steve Jobs – The man who thought different by Karen Blumenthal

  • Given up for adoption at birth
  • Dropped out of college after one semester
  • Aged twenty created Apple in his parents’ garage with his friend Steve Wozniack

And then does this again to save the companying he had originally created.

It’s a bit like Titanic, you know the story already but this book keeps you interested and there is more to learn – Enjoy

The video below by Steve Jobs helps you to understand exactly what Thinking Differently actually is

Steve Jobs returns to save Apple and during this video he explains his plan to turn the Company around

  • 10 weeks back at Apple – New Plan
  • Great Products / Marketing / Distribution
    • Product Line
      • Too large – 70% products removed
    • Marketing
      • Nike / Disney / Coke / Sony / Apple great brands
        • Apple brand has suffered
          • Watch the advert at the end – Think Different
    • Distribution
      • Moving away from 6 month timeline to enable the company to adapt to customer demand