Tap2Tag Medical Alert Device

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How does a paramedic know your medication, medical conditions or even your name? It’s not a question many people ask themselves unless they have experienced a life threatening situation. For those who have a complex medical condition or on a regime of medication that changes frequently the importance of being able to communicate this information quickly and precisely is paramount.

Tap2Tag Stickers on Phone. Medical Alert Sticker

Tap2Tag sell medical wristbands / bracelets, identification cards and key fobs. Shown here on my phone (top right) is a sticker with QR code. A paramedic or first responder simply either taps their NFC enabled phone against the device or uses their camera to view the QR code and your medical information appears. There are no apps to download, the information simply appears on their phone’s browser. You have complete control on what they can see. Watch below

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